Back To The Past


Yes, maybe we don’t have a Deloran DMC-12, but we also have a Chevy. Let’s take a trip to the past with Chevy.

Let’s take a trip to 2006‚Äč

Jeans in the 2005-2006 Season are totally dazzling! It can be called great with the fashion eye of that time!

Let’s take a trip to 2008

The jeans in the 2007-2008 Season have laid the foundation of today’s fashion and have a very nice design.

Let’s take a trip to 2009

Season 2009-2010 is one of the in-between seasons. It was a very unsustainable fashion season caught between periodic transitions.

Let’s take a trip to 2012

Season 2011 – 2012 is a season that can be called a transition season. It is the season we witness and experience the complete change of fashion.
It is the fashion season that is used by laying the foundations of today’s fashion and being modernized.